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Do You Need Help with a Website?


Great! We love helping our clients to connect and grow their online business!

New Website Design – Got a great new idea?  I love working with clients that are inspired or need inspiration to get their new ideas off the ground! I help with all your needs, design, hosting, domain registration and training!

Website Renovations and Updates –  Already got a functional website that needs to be freshened up? A fresh new look and better functionality creates interest and more business!

Website Maintenance and update packages that you are going to love! – I offer ongoing website maintenance packages or service packages for those that just need the occasional update or help with your website.

Do You Want to Connect with Local Business Owners?


We love connecting local business owners at two network events in Hamilton each month!

Connect! – Attend  the morning and/or the lunch time network events and meet other like minded business people.

Learn! – The members of our group share their expertise with workshops during the year, or connect after the events to help one another.

Grow! – When you are part of a business network, you are part of a huge network of people that they also know that can help you to grow your business.

We are here to help you connect and grow your business with many opportunities.

For Website Hosting Services I highly recommend Canspace Solutions. Canspace is an all Canadian company with servers on Canadian soil which is so important. I am so confident in their hosting and website support services, I am also an affiliate with them. Please visit Canspace at this link to learn more and sign up today. If you have questions or need help setting up or moving a website to Canspace please contact me at 905-387-1883 or 1-877-330-3384.