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These are challenging times.  It seems the entire world is clammering to all get a piece of the online market and it can seem a little overwhelming.

Maybe you need some help adjusting your business to the online markets or maybe you need help to find more creative ways to keep your business alive.

I love helping small business owners to find solutions to grow their business! My job is to help you to implement best-practice systems, strategies and action steps that will actually help you to grow your business.

Sometimes we need to hear what needs to be done, not what others think we want to hear.  I will help you to focus on developing, marketing and selling your products and services and that takes work and dedication.

If you are ready to make your business work for you, then read on! 

The first session is a two hour period. In the first hour:

  • I learn about your business.
  • I read the form you submit to me.
  • Then I check out your website and social network business pages. (if you have any of these)
  • Hearing you talk about your business also gives me many clues about you. Sometimes a client may say one thing but put down on paper something totally different. We sometimes don’t hear ourselves speak.
  • I then know the the challenges you are facing and then we start to move forward with solutions that work for your business.

The first two hour session is $150 +HST

I have been running my own full time business for over 23 years and worked exclusively in the small business sector in that time. Every story is unique and I love to help a client find solutions and motivation to be successful in their business. Finding ways to approach and get over a hurdle with compassion and yet conviction is satisfying to me and I love to see my clients get ahead.

If you are ready, complete the form on this page and I will contact you within one business day to book our appointment. We can meet in person, by phone, or via online video services such as Facebook messenger or Skype.


One time sessions: $150. +HST
One Hour Monthly sessions: $70. +HST per month (minimum of 3 months)
Twice Monthly One Hour Sessions: $130 +HST per month (minimum of 3 months)

Let's Work Together

For general inquiries or to book an appointment,
call 905-387-1883 or 1-877-330-3384.

or for email inquiries, I respond within one business day.

Location: 16 Anson Ave. Hamilton Ontario

Summer Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9:00 - 4:30
You can also reach out to me on Facebook anytime! @marie.mushing