This weekend was so amazing and fun and I honestly ate myself silly. All. Weekend. Long. Delicious foods and some beverages that were alcoholic in nature. And I did so with permission from myself.

Friday started out with a trip down to Port Dover with about 140,000 other people for Friday the 13th. I don’t ride myself, but am great “bike candy” on the back of the hubby’s Harley. 🙂  Such an amazing day! We both looked a bit like lobsters when we got home.. evidently sunscreen was not in use when needed and it was over 30C. degrees. We had a great time though! I knew that day for sure I was just going out to enjoy the day, the food and not worry about the points on my Weight Watchers app. So I ate the Tim Hortons undigestable egg on a biscuit.. I am not sure what they use for eggs but I was starving and it was food so I ate it.  And of course, you can’t leave Port Dover without the Perch Dinner from Knetchels. It is a little bit of heaven..  And yes, I ate the whole thing except the bun.  😉 For dinner that night I didn’t feel like cooking when we finally got home, so I enjoyed a fabulous chicken shwarma salad – yes with just a bit of white sauce.

Saturday we went to a birthday party and well a couple beers happened and lately I have been craving vinegar, and of course, what landed in front of me but salt and vinegar chips… and they tasted mighty fine with the beer.  I didn’t eat a ton of them but enough to thwart my efforts to stay on track that day and I added some cheese and just a sliver of cake to the mix. 🙂

Sunday again was a great healthful day until the BBQ family birthday gathering. Again, lots of snacks way too close to me.. but it was popcorn, so didn’t think it was maybe too bad.. a couple thin slices of cheese, but my downfall that day was what I call my one dessert weakness. Cheesecake.. Lemon Cheesecake.. two of my most favorite things ever.. I caved and ate a piece and it was not a little piece either.

This weekend I used ALL my weekly Weight Watchers daily and weekly points. Yes I was up almost two pounds this morning. I tracked all my wonderful foods. Yes I walked over 10,000 steps today too. 🙂

I did walk quite a bit on the weekend which may have been my saving grace but the scales told me that today my body is going to be in reset mode. Lots of water, healthy foods, low points to get my system back on it’s healthy track. This week, will have less temptations. I am ready with my veggies, and huge fruit salad I made this morning so cheers to good health, to know I can occasionally enjoy the temptations of life and then get myself back on track and move ahead.  This is the beauty of the Weight Watchers program! It fits with my lifestyle.. my occasional indulgences, my passion with food, good times, and fun with friends without stressing over what I ate. As long as I just do these things on occasion, get my  exercise and eat wonderful healthy foods the rest of the time, all is good in my world and I feel great.

There were no regrets over the fun and food from this weekend. That is life and that is my amazing life on Weight Watchers. Even if I do not lose this week I expect to maintain or at least be close. I know next week will be awesome! I will keep you posted. 🙂 You can connect and follow me on Facebook  too. Just make sure you send me a message so I know why you want to connect or if you can’t connect.