I am having this love affair with the Weight Watchers 2 point wraps this summer at lunch. They are just so easy to add anything to and so delicious!

Of course depending on what you put on them, they could quickly add up the points so i try to keep it simple.  My favorite lunch go to items include:

  • Light whipped dressing  (1)
  • Mustard or honey mustard (1 for honey mustard)
  • Lean turkey or chicken breast, hard boiled egg, tuna, salmon or other fish
  • Either bacon slice or.light cheese slice (2)
  • Lettuce, tomato, slivers of red peppers, onion, baby spinach are all great options.

With the wrap this makes for a 6 point lunch but is very satisfying with some veggies and yogurt dip on the side.

Make sure you have lots of napkins because this wrap will be overflowing with goodness.

Do you have suggestions or other variations for your lunch time wrap? Your comments are welcome below!