I hope everyone’s year has started out with good intentions and plans for a successful year ahead!

People chuckle at me when I talk about work and home like it is two separate entities since I work from home. It is true though. I try to categorize the two so that I can also enjoy my personal downtime.  I think it is important to take care of our personal lives so they don’t affect our business. Emotional turmoil, mental or physical illness, procrastination, etc, all affect everything we do. And the opposite is also true with our business. If we are not happy in our business, not meeting deadlines, thinking we dont have enough time to do everything we need to do, procrastinating, not making the sales we hoped, etc. all play on our minds in our personal lives and it creates a vicious circle so it is important to keep both our personal and business health in good shape for all to work properly.

It seems like the monumental task but I think after 25 years I have finally figured out the balance and how to make it all work. Of course there are those items that are out of our control and I know it takes constant practice for me to learn to keep my balance between home and business. I try make sure I am working and living within my own reach. Sometimes I need to stretch to make it to the next goal but when I know it is a doable task, then I continue to work towards it. I also started up a new daily business journal and it is really keeping me focused on my tasks and on track. It isn’t a perfect plan and sometimes I do overreach my own boundaries of what I think is possible but I keep practicing and work to get it back on track.

So having rambled on about that, this week in the office I did a lot of follow up and appointments with current and new website design clients. I referred a couple people to other business professionals as they could use their expertise better for their needs. I found time yesterday to do some tweaks to my own updated website and also start working on my business Instagram account, which I will continue to work on today. I do monthly security and updates for my website design clients each week so completed the ones that needed done this week.  I also did some training with a website design client, some other quick updates and administrative tasks.  I know I won’t have nearly as many hours to work on my own website next week so am blessed to have this time this week.

We also had our first virtual network event of the year. We had a great discussion about everyones aspirations and expectations for the coming year. You can check out our virtual and in person event schedule for the next few months on the network events page. 

I also am backing up my computer files! Just before Christmas, I got a new computer, so this weekend my wonderful husband Bill, who is also a computer tech, will be helping me get it all loaded up on my desk so it is working for me on Monday.

My personal time this week has been all about feeling good. I joined a website/app called Body Groove.. it has provided me with my ask this year for more music, movement, motivation and meditation. My personal life goal is to be Selthy. Taking time for myself to do these things so I can be healthy.  That 30 – 60 minutes at the start of the day is MINE! It may sound selfish but we need to be selfish about taking that time for our health or we can’t help others. I also made some life rules for myself .. but will save that for another blog. I also started some minor new year cleaning and purging which always feels good. 🙂 The best part is that I am feeling really good about me and have released 6 pounds since January 2nd.

So have yourself a SELTHY weekened and week ahead! Live your best life and remember, when you need me for any website help I am here for you.  Contact me to book a free assessment!