I enjoy doing word search puzzles and love a challenge, so decided many moons ago to create my own word Search puzzle that was all about positive affirmations for weight loss.. well I finally got a round – tuit . You will probably see this button lots on my blog in the future. 🙂

I made it orange because it is the colour of change and in order to get “a Round Tuit” change is needed in our mindset and how we look at a situation. A goal needs to be established and a personal reason why you want to accomplish it.  Change takes commitment and perseverance. It doesn’t happen over night and yes sometimes life gets in the way but if you have something you can go to when these things happen, like a book of words, some images with positive quotes etc to lift you up, it makes the journey that much easier.

PS You can order a Round Tuit button! – See Below

Ok back to the puzzle. As it turns out I found a great website that allowed me to enter all my words for this lovely puzzle and then it created it. It is a very challenging word search … well it was for me anyway and I love word search puzzles.  It took me a couple days to finish it partly because I kept falling asleep because I was doing it later in the evening.  zzzzz

Doing this puzzle is a great way to pass the time, focus on something different than a craving and bring positive words into your life.  It is challenging enough that you could probably do this puzzle a few times before you got really good at it. Afterwards you could keep the words on your fridge and use them as your own positive motivation when needed.

So enjoy and tell me what you think! I would love your feedback. I will be adding more word search puzzles over time so let me know if you like easier ones or the challenge of these harder ones!  Thanks. 🙂

Click the link below to download the Word Search in PDF format now so you can print it off. It is 2 pages.. one for the puzzle and one for the words. Yes it is that big.  Enjoy!

Weight Loss Affirmations Word Search Puzzle

PS You can order a Round Tuit button!

(Pickup $2 ) $1 donated to Neighbour to Neighbour Food Bank)
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(Mailed – $3)
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