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Changing Times … Finding New Ways to Do Business

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to your online presence?
Do you need a new plan that works for your business?
Do you need accountability to help you achieve your goals?
Do you need resources and contacts that can help you be successful?

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Make Your Website Work Everywhere…
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In our digital society, your website needs to work on all platforms, phone, tablet and desktop and look great no matter what device your clients are using! I make sure your website branding works and looks great on all platforms and is protected from malicious attacks.

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When you complete the online questionnaire it helps me to know more about your needs for your online business.  When I receive it, we can book your free initial consultation and decide the next step in your business evolution.

Help with Hosting and Domain Registration

For Website Hosting Services I highly recommend Canspace Solutions, an all Canadian business with servers on Canadian soil. Please visit Canspace at this affiliate link to learn more.

If you have questions or need help setting up a new website or moving an existing website to Canspace please contact me at 905-387-1883 or 1-877-330-3384.


USA Hosting and Domain Registration

For my clients in the U.S.A. I have a hosting referral for you now too and am now an affiliate.

After researching hosting companies in the US for my American clients I have decided on InMotion.Hosting for the reasonable pricing, reviews for the excellent support, web server speed and the servers being on US soil. These are all very important to me for a good hosting service.

If you have questions or need help setting up a new website or moving an existing website to Canspace please contact me at 905-387-1883 or 1-877-330-3384.


Hi! My name is Marie Mushing and I live and have my office in Hamilton Ontario. I am married to my amazing, supportive husband, mother of two fabulous children, and grandmother to three wonderful boys. 

I have been been running in my own website design business for over 23 years. I love working with small business clients that are either starting or building a business and need help with an new website or expanding an existing online business website.  I also take great joy in helping business owners to set goals and find new ways to increase their online business potential. I also run a business network group in Hamilton and love helping the members to reach out, connect, learn and grow their business.  

Your success is my success.  Let’s talk! Contact me today to book a free consultation either by phone, zoom or any place we can safely social distance. 🙂 

Marie has been servicing for my website for the past 2 years. I highly recommend her for anyone who is interested in constructing an interactive and functional website! Marie took my current website and simplified it where I’m able to make my own editing and little changes in the content. She has also provided me with a guide to add pages to my website and take care of my content as it develops. For those looking to get your business started, I highly recommend you to contact Marie and get your website specifically designed for your needs. Marie has always been above and beyond professional and accommodating when it comes to adding in some edits or additions to my website. Customer service and professionalism are truly Marie’s specialties!!

Jean LaFleur

Spectrum Therapy and Fitness

I found Marie to be caring and flexible in helping me (actually doing) my website. She offered great advice, on a do or not to do idea, when I would ask if something was possible. No matter what the challenge for me, she had an answer and was very quick in responding to my needs. If there is something I ask and for the moment she doesn’t have the answer, she find out and delivers it very quickly.
I recommend Marie for her web site building. She is the go-to gal for any of your web site requirements.

Liz Underhill

Cracking the Diet Code

The absolute best thing that I have ever done for my business was have Marie at People In Connection build my website for She handled all the technical issues that I wouldn’t have even thought of or known about. Marie set up an easy format for customers to shop on and a simple to use site that allowed me to make some changes on my own.
Marie has always been easy to get hold of, returns my calls the same day, and makes technical changes in a timely manner. For an additional small fee People In Connection monitors and installs updates and plugins, so that I am free to do the part of my business that I am best at – painting.

Kathyrn Smith

Artist, Kathryn Smith

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Location: 16 Anson Ave. Hamilton Ontario

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