Hi! My name is Marie Mushing and am located in Hamilton Ontario. I have been been running a website design business for over 26 years with clients in Canada and the USA.

My passion is working with small business owners  that are either starting or building a business and need help with an new website or an existing online  website, and clients that already have a website that want help with updates and affordable monthly maintenance packages.

I also have been running business network groups for over 20 years and love helping the members to reach out, connect, learn and grow their business. Your success is my success.

The reason you choose to do business with anyone, is that you feel they are aligned with you and this is why we have so many people in the same professions. They are not my competition. They have their own flow and alignment that may work better for you!  Also If I feel they have  skills that I feel would work better for you, then I am sending you to them with love and admiration for their professionalism.

This is why I also have included a blog on my website that is both business and personal. I hope you enjoy some of my business articles, recipes, photos and musings. This is part of who I am as a person and entrepreneur.

Website Maintenance & Design Services
Domain/Hosting Support

Are you just starting out and need a new website?
Looking to grow an existing website?
Adding e-commerce services?
Need an updated website that invites participation?
Do you need someone to do monthly updates and maintenance to your wordpress website?
I can also help you with your Domain and Hosting.
I will make sure you are in control of all your accounts!

Lets Explore Your Needs

Complete the online questionnaire! It provides me with information about your needs.  When I receive it, we can book your initial free 30 minute consultation and decide the next step in your business evolution.

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I found Marie to be caring and flexible in helping me (actually doing) my website. She offered great advice, on a do or not to do idea, when I would ask if something was possible. No matter what the challenge for me, she had an answer and was very quick in responding to my needs. If there is something I ask and for the moment she doesn’t have the answer, she find out and delivers it very quickly.

I recommend Marie for her web site building. She is the go-to gal for any of your web site requirements.

Liz Underhill

Cracking the Diet Code

The absolute best thing that I have ever done for my business was have Marie at People In Connection build my website for KathrynSmith.com. She handled all the technical issues that I wouldn’t have even thought of or known about. Marie set up an easy format for customers to shop on and a simple to use site that allowed me to make some changes on my own.
Marie has always been easy to get hold of, returns my calls the same day, and makes technical changes in a timely manner. For an additional small fee People In Connection monitors and installs updates and plugins, so that I am free to do the part of my business that I am best at – painting.

Kathyrn Smith

Artist, Kathryn Smith

“When I was searching for support in creating my website, I reached out to my communities to get referrals. Marie came highly recommended, for good reason. As a creative professional, I needed more than just someone to create something FOR me but I needed another professional to work WITH me. Marie was patient and emotionally supportive as I worked through all my anxieties and perfectionist tendencies – starting a business is hard emotional work! She was willing to support my creative process in a way that met my need for patience and understanding. Since the site launched, Marie has maintained a connection and supported my desire to learn how to manage my site as much as possible on my own, taking the time to send me training videos custom-made for me, and troubleshooting in areas where I needed her technical knowledge and skill. I feel so thankful to have made the connection with Marie.” 

Carolyn Ralph

Owner, Breathing In Trees

Thank you for your interest in my services! I am happy to book your free 30 minute free consultation or you may contact me by email or phone. If you fill out the needs assessment, it will help me assess your requirements before we meet.

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