I thought it would be fitting to do an August update on my weight loss journey. Weight loss is a really bad term. It sounds like it is something that you may expect to find again in the future. So from now on i chose to call them weight shredding updates. This sounds much more permanent.

This week marked my six month turning point, when i made the decision to become a member of Weight Watchers. I believe this was one of the best decisions I ever made. In six months, i am now 34 pounds lighter and healthier. Seeing the numbers dropping on the scale is so exciting and now I am just 11 pounds from what I set as a goal weight!

I had said i was going to start a weight training program in June but that didn’t happen. I ended up swimming in my pool instead. ☀️ This summer was a series of parties every weekend. Tons of food and of course beer was always part of the fun. Since i am not much of a drinker any longer, i have a two beer limit when we have been enjoying these occasions, but i seem to lose my food filter when i see a table full of delicious salads, meat  , desserts and delicious crunchy snacks and dips.

Despite my weekend warrior fun, i have still shed 10 pounds since the middle of June. My goal that i had set this summer was to be 149 by just after Labour day. As of today i am just 3 short pounds away from that goal. Why yes I can she says.  

Just a quick note.. the photo with my husband was at the beginning of this year at New Years.. the extra large dress I wore is now in my discard pile.

I spent an entire evening last week trying on every single piece of clothing in my closet and discarding all the extra large and large items that no longer fit. That sure narrowed it down a lot!

I have started a 30 day plank challenge this week. Even if it takes me 60 days, i will make it to that goal of a 4 minute plank. I managed 40 seconds yesterday and feel stronger already. Of course once on the floor i have been doing some of my yoga stretches as well and think this Fall I will go back to my classes for a refresher course.

So having said all that I am ready for the next phase. My short term goal to shed 3 more pounds in the next 11 days and my longer term goal. After the labour day weekend is to be to my goal weight by my birthday. I think this is very doable! It works out to an average of approx. one pound per week. Yes I can!