Sometimes new thoughts come to me at the strangest times.

This morning while I was cooking, I was thinking about life and all the virtual doors we open along the way. Some doors lead us down the wrong path, other doors can change our lives for the better dramatically and some doors are just easily opened as part of our daily lives. It occurred to me that we all make choices about which doors we want to open and which ones we just need to lock and move away from.

No one forces us to open a door that will lead us into a dark place or to make bad choices. However sometimes doors swing open that drop us there too. It is how we react to that situation at the time. Climbing out of a dark place isn’t easy but it can be done, sometimes with a helping hand if we only reach out.

Some doors we need help opening. That is when you find someone that can help you move it. Someone that is a professional or knows how to open that door and that has a key or information to help you open that door that is blocking your way.

Some of the doors we want to open to create a better life seem stuck or downright locked and can be frustrating or even make us feel fearful of them. The longer we sit there and stare at a door that is blocking our path to a better, happier, more successful, or peaceful life, the harder it seems to open.

Sometimes we even create what we believe are valid excuses why we can’t open that door. We may even choose a different door that doesn’t lead anywhere. That only delays the process of moving ahead with our lives. It always amazes me how our own brains can trick us into becoming stuck in one place.

We all have had to pass through some tough virtual doors in life, even me. Sometimes it seemed easier to turn my back on it and pretend it didn’t exist.  But guess what… it was still there and seemed to be huge and heavy because I waited so long to open it. But when I finally pushed through, life was different. It wasn’t perfect for the moment because some of those huge doors lead to other smaller ones that still need to be opened to clear the path but those were so much less scary than the huge one! Opening the biggest toughest door first can be painful but that passes and you can start to see the light through the next one. You just have to keep moving. 

Doors are meant to be opened and we will have these virtual doors throughout out our lives. Some doors will be so easy they will swing open wide, but others will challenge us. It depends on what we are trying to achieve: success, health, peace, financial, business, or personal goals. The list goes on but at the end of the day we make those choices. Move those doors out of the way to move ahead or stand still. Doors are full of surprises. Sometimes they open to views results even better than we thought!

The final door we will open will be at the end of our lives. May you find keys to open all your doors to help you live your best life.