I love tasty little appetizers in my life.  Especially hot little appetizers! There is just something so special about a warm app when it is served.  The problem is that most appetizers are very high in calories and for those of us watching our weight and wanting to maintain healthy habits, this becomes a bit of a nuisance.

It is also so nice to be able to treat yourself to an appetizer before your dinner, just because you are special.  🙂 This week was one of those weeks so on Monday, I decided to have some fun in the kitchen and create a nice little appetizer to have with my dinner.  This is how my little stuffed pepper appetizers came to be.  Now you can use those little sweet peppers you buy in the store that you can just fill but if you don’t have any of these, just do what I did, cut a pepper into quarters, spread the cheesy mix on top and pop into the oven.

Now I did use the cookie sheet I baked the hubby’s bacon on, (yes I drained the fat) so it may have added a bit of flavour to it but I also did crumble up one slice of bacon in the cheese mixture. 🙂 This was so easy and fast to make.  Total prep time was 10 minutes and then 20 minutes in the oven.. well worth the wait.  Sadly I did not take a photo at the end when they were done but I did make a video of my meal making adventure that night and the finished product so you can enjoy that at least. 🙂

If you make this, I would love to know how it turns out for you and if you made any modifications of your own!  I love other people’s ideas. 🙂

Cheesy Stuffed Pepper Appetizers
2 servings
WW freestyle points: 3 points per serving or 

1 Red Pepper Quartered and seeded

1 oz Shredded part skim milk mozzarella cheese
1.5 TBSP light Cream Cheese
1 slice of crispy bacon crumbled
Spices to taste
1 tsp of sriracha lime spice (Clubhouse)
1/4 tsp onion powder
Dash of pepper

Mix all the ingredients above except the pepper and spread out over the pepper quarters.
Bake in a 375F.  oven for about 20 minutes. Check to make sure peppers are tender crisp. Careful! Cheese will be hot!

Remove and let set for 5 minutes and enjoy immediately!