Today I met up with my wonderful friend Sherrie who has been part of my life for 20 years. Sherrie taught me about business and networking when I first started my business. She mentored me and gave me wonderful advice along the way. Sherrie changed my path in life and I am not sure I would have stayed in my own business without her guidance and we became wonderful friends.  As time passed our lives changed and we have not seen each other nearly as much in the past few years but that has not diminished that bond.

The sign of a bonded friendship when you haven’t seen each other for almost two years and we pick up right where we left off like it was last week.  We had a most wonderful walk around Cootes Paradise which is in her end of the city here in Hamilton.  You would never know you were within minutes of a major artery of people and traffic. Many years ago we spent a lot of time walking around Gage Park and the rail trail from Wentworth St. talking, taking pictures and fixating on the positive and beauty of our surroundings.

We talked about many wonderful positive things in life and in our world as we walked today, enjoyed each others company and the wonders of nature as we walked. Sherrie is one of those people you would spend days with and never get tired of talking to her. 🙂  I am blessed to know this lovely lady and to have her in my life.

Please enjoy the photos we took along the way today! We both love photography so it was fun to have so many lovely pictures of our time together! I know it will not be so long before we see each other again. 🙂