Isn’t it funny how things pop up or happen when the time is right? One day you may think about something you need and lo and behold, it comes to you. Another time you may be thinking about someone that you have not spoken to for a while and they call or send you a message.  Sometimes though, you may not be thinking of that particular thing but it turns up and it is something you needed at that moment in time.

Today I was on my cell phone in the morning, adding a note to myself and decided to have a look at the other notes I have a bad habit of not deleting and came across a note to myself that I wrote January 2017. I had forgotten I had put it there and when I saw it, I fell in love with me again. I believe the original of this was written by a Facebook friend and I adapted some of the wording to my own needs. I am sorry I do not remember who it was but I thank them for their light they shone on me at that time.

This note brought me back to the amazing person that is me.  After seeing this today, when Susan asked me my goal for the summer at the Weight Watchers meeting, I said it was to be amazing… and I am… we all are!  This is the note I found today.

“I am not interested in being average or just existing.
What excites me is living each day to it’s fullest, to be the best version of me, and strengthening my body with activities and food that work to keep it healthy and strong. I want to age with strength, grace, flexibility, ease and be limitless in the quality of life I want.  -I will be sexy, smart & strong.
I love being a person that leads with integrity and surround myself with amazing, interesting people in my life. I strive to be healthy, strong and vibrant; to inspire, to be the first to smile, hug and helping​ others realize their greatness.
Today I work and live to be better than yesterday.
I know I can do it. I got this.” 

So once again this is back in my life. I have other mantras that I like to use or read daily but this one really struck me today and I will keep it close to me as one of my daily readings.  Do you have a mantra or quote you like to read to yourself on a daily basis? Do you ever write yourself love letters? If you have never done this, write yourself one today and put it on your calendar to read it at a point in the future and then put it away or even pin it on the back of your calendar. 🙂 I have one I have written to myself through Weight Watchers that will be arriving by mail in September and I also have one I wrote to myself that is in the back of my Beyond the Scale journal that will be read when I finish the book. A gift to myself.