This past week has been a very productive and busy time! When it is dark and dreary outside I love to look at it as an opportunity to do all the inside stuff and enjoy indoor activities. The cleaning and purging has continued to be theme this month and has felt so good to remove things from my life that no longer serve any purpose to me.  I have been peering into my stained glass cupboard and finding inspiration for small projects on Pinterest. I am excited to play with my stained glass again!  This week was mostly purging old files in the office. This gave me the opportunity to enjoy connecting with past clients, just to say hi and to see how life is going for them. The one thing I really enjoy about my business is that the clients I am blessed to do business with for a long time become way more than just clients. We share some of our personal lives with each other and I love being able to be there to support them when they need me. Sometimes short phone calls or meetings turn into full conversations that have nothing to do with business and this is a very special connection.  

Personally I have been really enjoying so much more music in my life, dance, daily meditation and motivation. Not every day is perfect.. let’s be clear about that.. but keeping a positive attitude goes a long way towards dealing with any hiccups along the way.  I had my business buy me a subscription to Spotify so I could enjoy my positive vibes playlists in the background while working. Music gives me a special energy that makes me feel awesome. And hey if a great song comes on, there is no reason not to get up and dance around the office to it a couple times during the morning. It is good both on a physical and mental health level. Even if I sway to the music in my chair while working, it makes me feel so good. Of course I do my guided routines in the morning with at least 5 days a week.  Definitely check that site out. The lady that runs it, Misty Tripoli has her own inspiring story about how she came to be where she is today. She just makes you feel wonderful. And even if you can’t dance standing and dance in your chair, you are making a positive difference in your life.  <3

So back to the office, I was blessed to start working with two new website design clients and reconnect with a past website client for some potential new business. I enjoyed working with some of my current ongoing monthly clients to help them get their websites updated and providing support and did monthly security maintenance on other client sites.  I did website training with a client and follow ups with clients that have websites that are so close to being launched. I also got my paperwork done for my year end! How awesome is that!? Today I will be adding a gallery to my own website with client website screenshots and links to their websites. I may not get it all done but it will be a great start. 🙂 I am also sending out emails for people to register for the network here in Hamilton next Friday!  I can’t wait to see the amazing things that will happen next week.  I started keeping a daily business journal of the things I need to do daily or for the week and it has made a big impact in my thought process and organization. 

The weekend is almost upon us and I will back in the kitchen, doing one of my favorite things.. making delicious food! I have cabbage on my counter so am thinking of making a cabbage casserole and the butternut squash that I have been moving around my counter for over a month is begging me to make some creamy dreamy butternut squash, pumpkin soup.  So that along with lots of other weekend activities, shopping, visiting, and of course the usual cleaning and laundry. Life is so amazing.. I am so thankful for all the blessings that surround me daily. Until next week, stay blessed, scoop up all those wonderful moments, dance, hug those you love and enjoy your week!